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Are your concrete sidewalk is too dirty? Does your concrete parking space full of oils and grease? Are there any signs of gums and gross stains from food, liquids and anything that ended up in front of your business or home? Does your property need a total makeover? No worries to be made. Pressure Washing Town N Country is here. Wherever you have concrete that needs cleaning just call Pressure Washing Town N Country. We can clean anywhere in your property that has a concrete you want us to clean. We can go to your office or your home and give it a makeover. Your patio, deck, stairs, driveway, garage, or anywhere we can clean them.

Do not be bothered anymore by those stains, oils, dirt, mold, and everything that is now making your home and office looking dirty and old. We will use our pressure washing service to get the job done. It is a tried and tested machine that our team of professionals had been operating for many years. These machines are not easy to use without the needed experience and knowledge on how to use them. Our teams of professionals also know the cleaning solution that is needed for the specific stain or oil or grease or anything that needs cleaning. We are more thorough when we are doing the cleaning because we have all these materials that match what needs cleaning. Ring us today and feel free to consult about our other services such as commercial pressure washing and paver cleaning.


About Our Services

Commercial Concrete Cleaning

It is expected that your business area could get dirty in no time. With the foot traffic that comes in and out of your business, you need them to get cleaned up more than you will clean your house. You may not know what kind of things comes across your property that adds to its unpleasantness.

You do not want your business to be affected by that as people will surely notice it and you know what they say about good impressions. You should also maintain that good impression and making sure your property always look clean and vibrant should become part of your business.

Your employees and you could concentrate on your work while we do the cleaning. The working environment can also affect mood and productivity. If your building and area do not look good, it will not emit a good mood. You can also be safe from the sickness that could be caused by dirt on your building and others.

How Our Service Works: Commercial Concrete Cleaning

Your concrete cleaning service will start when you will make a call and make an appointment. Usually, an estimate is given to you as most customers do also. We are sure we can give you the competitive price that we can give for the service you will need which is concrete cleaning. If you want to pair it up with other services we have, it is recommended. You can save some on the cost as we will do the job together. Once we settled on the estimate, we can come over to your place and do an on-site inspection for a more detailed plan in our side and give you a more accurate estimate.

But if you want to get the job done right at that time, we can just bring all that we need. The good thing is that we have a service where all the cleaning materials are kept ready for customers. We can make the assessment when you will call us to have an idea on what are the possible needs and tools you might need additionally.

We know that every business has its own needs that could be different from others. But what we do know is that we use the latest technology that would give you the service you are looking for. It is important for a service provider to be updated in the equipment and tools to provide high-quality service. So, for your concrete cleaning needs, do not hesitate to call Pressure Washing Town N Country. We always have a team ready to get your needs done. We also offer maintenance promos that could be scheduled annually, semi-annually or every quarter according to the needs of the customer. Fast food chains, restaurants do require more frequent cleaning than some offices. You might like to check also our gutter cleaning and window cleaning services.

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Residential Concrete Cleaning

There is not much big difference between commercial and residential cleaning. We pretty much have the same procedure that we use. We would gladly start to do our work when the contract has been executed. The parties should both agree then we can come and clean your resident. There are many types of structure that could be done for a house. We can clean all those concrete parts like the patio, deck, walkway, driveway, parking space, garage, flooring, and many more. Your countertop too we can clean if it is concrete.

We do have some other many services we offer. The roof cleaning service is one of them when it comes to residential. There are types of materials used in the roof so we will also use the correct equipment for it. Power washing is not recommended for your roof as they can damage them. But the machine itself can be used so that a chemical solution could be sprayed into the roof using a lower PSI. You can just spray it and the chemicals will work through it. You can see an amazing difference.

There is also the gutter removal and maintenance service we offer. Gutter maintenance is essential for your house as they can cause many problems like flooding in your basement, a crack on your house foundation, or the gutter itself can come off because of the weight of things there that need to be cleaned that has been stuck there.

Our phone line is always open for inquiries and free estimates. We have more services that could be customized for your pressure washing service needs.  If you want to ask anything about our service, you can just call us. If you want a free estimate, one would be given to you according to the data you will give us. Pressure Washing Town N Country is here for your commercial concrete cleaning or residential concrete cleaning needs.

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